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Another Scanning Strategy

Scanned, merged, and ready to go.

Last week I mentioned how I scanned in all my masters. A co-worker of mine came to me with a problem when he was attempting to do the same thing and I thought that I would share the solution with you. He was trying to scan in a particularly large activity book when it became clear that the scanner wouldn’t take it and he was forced to scan the book in 5 parts.

This led to a problem: how to connect multiple PDFs together? This is a fairly common issue. I ran into it earlier this year when I had to send in my massive professional development plan into the state as part of renewing my license. I needed to combine lots of different forms and documents into one. Normally this easy to do if you have a full version of Adobe Acrobat, which we did not. But luckily, those open-source angels on the internet created a utility called PDFsam, which can separate and merge PDF files quickly and easily for free. It saved us a lot of time and grief. And in the end, isn’t that what computers are for?

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