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Writing Resource

For me, writing has always come easily. I have a lot to say, and as poor as it may be in quality, I’ve never had problems getting ideas onto paper. This causes me to have difficulty in relating to and aiding my students who struggle to write. They have good ideas, but don’t always know how to proceed in the process.

I ran into this problem this week when I was teaching comparing and contrasting. I decided that the best way to teach comparing and contrasting something we read was to write something instead. I became reacquainted with a great site called Read Write Think. Produced by the International Reading Association, National Council of Teachers of English, and the Verizon Foundation, Read Write Think provides several services that include:

  • Student-Based Interactives that walk your students through literacy tasks such as writing an essay, inquiry and analysis, and writing poetry.
  • Lesson plans for teachers by teachers
  • The ever-popular (at least in my elementary school) calendar activities
  • Print-outs
  • Resources or parents and after-school programs to develop literacy after-hours
  • Professional development opportunities for staff

Have a great literacy tool you use? Please share it in a comment!

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