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What “Dream Product” Would You Like In Your Classroom?

In my last post I raved about the DIY Maker movement and how I believe it may be the future of Tech Ed programs.  I recently received an email from a group of Makers in Madison called sector67, that maintains a nonprofit workshop there where fellow Hackers are able to work on their projects.  The email went like this:

“We are currently in brainstorming mode (and on a tight time line) and hoping that your educational expertise and frustration could provide us with some inspiration. Our request is that you (and any peers you forward this too!) take a moment to share a thought or two about issues and obstacles you deal with in the classroom. Or maybe you have a dream machine you have always wanted? Perhaps you need a device that visually conveys an abstract concept? Something that helps relax the kids during reading/quiet time? A support tool that can be used with any topic? If you don’t have a particular idea, please just outline the problem with a little detail. The challenge is for us to create a solution. Really, anything is possible!”

Any ideas for a device, any device that helps in the classroom, electronic or otherwise and this group could potentially make your dreams come true.  Please comment with any ideas and I’ll pass them on.

My idea, in flowchart form, is to have a lunchbox we can take with us on field trips. Inside the lunchbox is a wirelessly enabled hard drive, a big battery and a few dozen wireless SD cards to be put into whatever digital cameras we have. Then, every time a kid takes a picture the photos are instantly put on the hard drive, in one place, ready for projects when we get back to school.

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