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Biff Comes to Town

Last April, our fair city of Greenwood, Wisconsin, was visited by Biff Henderson of “The Late Show With David Letterman” fame. Someone in town had written in and apparently we made such an impression on Biff that he decided to highlight us on his “Biff Henderson’s America” bit. Well, after months of waiting, our segment finally made it onto the show last week. It is now the talk of the county.

Some may ask, do you feel like Biff was making fun of your town? No, we are as advertised: a small town of polite, frank people. There is not a diner or breakfast spot anywhere without its group of old men holding court as they clutch their coffee. The local McDonald’s has a long meeting table fixed to the floor for just such a purpose. And yes, it is widely believed that lactose intolerance is choice and can be trained out of you (seriously, a good friend of mine swears that he was “cured”).

We like a good laugh at ourselves, so by all means, enjoy.

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