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Website Workarounds

I love sending my students to websites. However, many of these websites are more Flash (as in Adobe Flash) than content. They are so full of pop-ups and banner ads—many misleading—that I find my lesson being more about the dangers of clicking banners than the content I was intending to teach. Thankfully, there are some great options out there for making the web more readable.

If you want to render a page into a simple, easy-to-read handout, save some paper, or export webpages to your e-reader, iPad, or other device, give these a try.

Instapaper: Simple and easy to use, sign up for a free account and Instapaper gives you a handy little bookmarklet. Find something you want to read later, click the bookmark, and a text-only version of that website is sent to your account and synced with your phone, e-reader, or other device. Think of the web as a giant newspaper, and Instapaper as a shoebox full of clippings.

Readability: This great service was built on the shoulders of Instapaper. It used to be a paid service and it shows in some of its added features such as the ability to archive documents, tag them and share them via email, Facebook, or Twitter, if you are so inclined.

PrintFriendly: By far, one of the handiest sites I have found in a while. It does one thing and does it well: prints from the web.  Put in an address or use their browser button and it makes any page into a PDF. This saves paper and money for districts. It also renders complicated and busy websites into simple-to-read PDF documents that you can then easily print, save, or share. All absolutely free.

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