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Kickstart Education with DonorsChoose

I recently read an article on Wired’s Geek Dad Blog that focused on two interests of mine. The first was on crowd-sourcing, the act of taking large jobs or fundraising operations and using the power of social media to generate the funds or the manpower to make that job a reality. The second issue related to school funding, but more on that later.

Crowd-sourcing has had a lot of success with sites like Kickstarter.com that allow users to post an idea and have perfect strangers put up small contributions to help make that idea a reality. Most of these ideas are what you would expect from artsy Internet types, such as funding documentaries or comic book projects, while others are people trying to get their cake-pop business off the ground.

The author of Geek Dad, Jonathan Liu, made the point that his daughter’s school, like so many others are facing real budget cuts. Sadly, not many taxpayers are willing to vote in referendums to increase school funds if it means higher taxes during already tough times. Why then, he asks, can’t we crowd-source education and ask people to chip in to provide school programs they same way we ask them to support some guy’s idea for organic, live culture sauerkraut?

Thankfully, there is already a good answer to this issue. DonorsChoose.org allows teachers and non-profits to post their ideas for projects and requests for funding. Donors then make contributions and teachers receive a gift card to make the purchases they need. The donors get to see the results of their charity on the website and through thank-you notes written by the students that received the funds.

Next time you‘re thinking of selling magazines or holding a bake sale, remember that there are people out there who care about education, perfect strangers who are willing to help out. Give DonorsChoose a shot. What have you got to lose? And if you have had success with DonorsChoose, tell us in the comments!

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