Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.

About Us

About Lee Briggs

Lee Briggs teaches fifth and sixth grade math and reading at Greenwood Elementary School in Wisconsin. He is also a technology coach for the school and coordinator of the gifted and talented program.

About Weekly Reader

The Weekly Reader family of classroom magazines is the oldest in the United States, tracing its origins to 1902 and the publication of Current Events. Joined by Current Science in 1927 and, a year later, by the first Weekly Reader magazine, Weekly Reader’s portfolio of classroom magazines today comprises 12 publications in both digital and print format, serving students from Pre-K to grade 12. Organized around grade levels for elementary school students and subject areas for secondary school students, our magazines provide topical information in an engaging format that builds both understanding and critical-thinking skills.

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  1. Lee, I want to be sure that you are aware of a grant opportunity that is available to teachers across the country, including teachers in Wisconsin Schools of Recognition. Fund for Teachers is accepting applications for teachers’ self-designed summer odysseys that consequently inspire authentic student learning. Individuals may apply for up to $5,000; teams up to $10,000. The deadline for eligible preK-12 teachers to apply is January 28, 2011.

    You can see the 2010 Wisconsin Fellows’ destinations at http://www.fundforteachers.org/fel2010/wis2010_grant.pdf.

    After navigating the globe on $14.5 million in Fund for Teachers fellowships over the past ten years, our 4,000 “Fellows” daily inspire school communities with experiences and insights only attainable by “being there.” Each fellowship is as unique as the teacher who designed it; and regardless of the destination or discipline, our Fellows have returned to more than 2,500 schools inspired by their pursuit of ideas, terrains, and cultures on all seven continents.

    While the deadline is looming, our main challenge is convincing teachers this opportunity isn’t too good to be true. Any help you could give us in spreading the word would be most helpful and could change a teacher’s life! Please let me know if I may send you more information to round out this introduction.

    Many thanks,
    Carrie Pillsbury

  2. HI Lee,

    I’d like to give you some information about Kineo, the Android tablet from Brainchild that will be introduced at FETC. Email me off line and I can give you specs. We will also be at FETC in booth 231 if you’d like to see one in person!

    jennifer at jharrisonpr.com

  3. Lee,

    Saw you were posting about cost effective whiteboard options and one of your readers commeted about Mimio. Would love for you to stop by their booth at FETC next week and try it out for yourself. They’ll be at Booth 613. I’d love to fill you in a bit more (kristin.kelley@ketchum.com)

  4. Dan Gilbert said:

    Hello, I have a quick question for you about your site. If you could please get back to me as soon as possible I would greatly appreciate it. Have a great day!

    Communications Coordinator
    Primrose Schools

  5. Extremely useful information here! Thanks – and congratulations on this work.

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