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I recently wrote about using screen-capture to record lessons and export them to YouTube. While not difficult, this is muti-step process that requires you have a set of specific hardware. In order to make an instructional video, one needs to have screen-capturing software, a headset or microphone, and either an interactive whiteboard or a Wacom tablet in order to record writing.

After you record your lesson, one has to upload the resulting video to YouTube or a similar video hosting service. This takes enough time to make it inconvent, especially since—like most teachers—I prefer to do my lesson planning at home, miles away from my SMARTboard.

Enter my new favorite app/website, ShowMe. Show me is an app for the iPad that allows you to record lessons as you would on an interactive whiteboard, or over a screenshot or worksheet. It records what you say and what you write, something made easier by buying a $10 iPad stylus. When you are done with the lesson, it uploads it automatically to ShowMe’s website, letting you email it or embed it into a blog or website. One app. One step. As easy as falling down.

Sure, you have to have an iPad to use this app, but ShowMe makes this process so easy, and only adds to the already long list of iPad applications you apply to the classroom. ShowMe is also intended to be so easy that you could pass the iPad to a student and have peers teach each other. Imagine a room full of iPads which students recording their own ShowMes, then submitting a video explaining their solution to a problem with an oral and video answer to the question for their peers to look at and assess. That’s what I did:

ShowMe at work


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  1. Hi Lee,

    Thanks so much for sharing about ShowMe! Your lessons look great and we’re super excited to have you as a community member! Please email us or tweet at us if you have any questions or especially if you have ideas to help us improve. We love to listen 🙂

    All best,

    Community Manager // ShowMe // showme.com

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