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A Virtual Writer’s Workshop

Ever have a hard time teaching students how to write? I know that I have trouble giving my students examples of things like narratives, compare and contrast papers, and essays, since they are not a common format in many books or magazines. And even if my students do create a great piece of writing, where would they share it? The only people that get to read it are Mr. Briggs and maybe the class.

Good writers tend to learn through imitation and through good input. In this way, Lend Me Your Literacy is a great website for learning how to be a better writer. Students from a variety of grades post their writing examples for others to view. The people viewing are students, teachers, and experts in writing. Think of it as a giant writer’s workshop for student-created work. On one hand you can use this to publish your student’s writing, and on the other give students a wealth of written examples from other students. Give it a try!



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  1. Simon Blower said:

    Thanks for your kind words about the site. We are always looking for more contributions to the site so please contact me if you have work to share.

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