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I am always looking for new ways to present a report. You ask students today to make a report and they have limitless ways to present their ideas, but most seem to settle on the new common (and by common I mean overdone) denominator: the PowerPoint presentation. Don’t get me wrong; I love what PowerPoint can do. But let’s not forget that PowerPoint was made to replace the slideshow, widely known as the most boring meeting device ever conceived. Boring slideshows are so common that there are career sites that tell you what to avoid.

I found a great site recently called Prezi, which makes presentations anything but boring.  Flash-based, Prezi creates animations that are made to be seen and enjoyed on the web. Media from all over the web can be easily imported into a show, and slides can be arranged for panning and zooming, allowing students to make a cinematic style of presentation that’s far more interactive than any PowerPoint I have ever seen. The finished product can be embedded easily into a web page.

There are free educator accounts as well, so give it a try. I’m sure you will find reports far more interesting.

Here’s a sample.


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  1. Hi Lee,
    Good luck for learning Prezi, I thought you will find these resources useful:

    Showcase of education related prezis

    Education portal for teachers using Prezi with lots of content


  2. Hi Lee,

    thanks for your interest in Prezi. Reading your post I thought you might be interested in our new educational community page we just launched. http://edu.prezi.com/

    On Prezi U you can:

    – share/discuss prezis you create for your work
    – write articles/stories about how you use Prezi in the classroom
    – discuss education related matters in the forums,

    or just read how others use Prezi in education and get inspired. I was thinking about introducing how you use prezi on Prezi U because believe it can be a source of inspiration for others. Email me if you are interested at zoltan.radnai_at_prezi.com

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