Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.

My blogs are all a flutter with news from the Consumer Electronics Show. Most of the devices mentioned on Engaget and others tend to focus on anything shiny and cell-phone related, but occasionally I get wind of developments that I could apply to education in fantastic ways, such as a great cloud-based file-sharing option that could possibly replace Dropbox.

Don’t get me wrong; I love Dropbox. I live for the handy, simple to use file-sharing service.  But If I were ever in need for a replacement, if Dropbox were to suddenly start charging me or pull some sort of legal shenanigans, I would love to have one of the new iTwin adapters.

iTwin is a cloud-enabled USB stick. The standard iTwin has two little adapters that look like the USB drives we use all the time, but these lock into one another and sync up.  The idea is that you plug one end into your home computer and another into any other computer in the world with Internet and you have an instant, secure, unlimited, and free connection to that computer. Basically, it makes file sharing as easy as plugging in a USB stick. This could make collaboration incredibly easy and free after the initial cost of the device.  Better still, a new version, the iTwin Multi, allows more than one person to connect, allowing for a ready-made collaboration.

Imagine you and your colleagues are going to be working on projects over the summer, or you all bring your own machines with you to a conference. Hand everyone one an iTwin and instantly you are all securely connected and able to collaborate.




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