Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.

Tag Readers

A Tag reader at work.

Our school librarians are fantastic. Every week we get these wonderful little emails about the great new things they have found for us — the new toys that they have brought into our district via grants and programs.

For instance, Tag readers. Made by LeapFrog, the educational toy company, Tag readers use little RF chips printed into the paper of books to make them interactive via a programmable stylus.

The Tag reader can read the book to a student, have him or her play a game and help him or her learn to read the book independently. This week all of our first graders were introduced to the Tags at the library. They showed up at my after school program toting little backpacks given to them by the library, loaded with a Tag reader and a book.

Do these fancy little readers actually help students read? Do they get kids excited about books? I can tell you that a student had to be reminded to go home because he was so enthralled by his book.


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