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Math Chimp

There are a lot great educational websites out there for math. Then there are “educational” websites that throw a few math problems in there but at the end of the day are just unimaginative flash games designed to get children to click on banner ads. Creating a good list of educational websites is time consuming because so much of it involves first finding good sites that are relevant to your math content then organizing them. Every teacher who makes technology a priority keeps a list of links to their favorite websites for their students, because Google can’t tell the difference between good math sites and exploitative sites that just happen to have some math.

Richard Byrne’s fantastic blog, www.freetech4teachers.com, pointed me to a great little site with a fun name: MathChimp.com. MathChimp is a collection of math games from various sites, categorized and reviewed by other users. While it does have a few banner ads here and there, they are not the variety designed to separate parents from their credit cards or collect information. All of the games are broken drown by grade and by subject.

If you have a great site that you know of that helps teach math, please feel free to post it in a comment!


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  1. Thanks for including us Lee! We’re glad you found our site helpful! And we’re always looking to improve. Let us know if you have some favorite sites or if there’s some good content we should include. Find us @mathchimp on twitter or email at harrychimp@mathchimp.com.

  2. thanks for the interest Mathchimp! keep up the good work!

  3. […] 1) Educational Value A great math game is built on a foundation of math skills and practice.  There are literally thousands of free online math games out there and many are incredibly engaging.  But if the game doesn’t espouse mathematics, then we have to pass.  Lee Briggs explains it well in his blog Tales From a 21st Century Teacher. […]

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