Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.

Simple Scanning

I love my VuPoint Hand Scanner. It does its job the way that a scanner should. Rather than mess around in software and settings, it just does its job: looks at text and makes it into an image. Could it get simpler than that? Well, not much simpler, but could that simplicity get paired up with convenience? Most of the things I scan get put into my Dropbox file, simply because Dropbox allows me to open the scanned images on my SMARTboard while simultaneously allowing me to access the files on my iPad. Instead of spending lots of time scanning, importing and copying into my Dropbox wouldn’t it be nice if they just showed up there automatically?

Doxie Go, going

I await with giddy anticipation the release of the Doxie Go scanner, a small scanner that not only scans the image automatically, but also automatically syncs to Dropbox, Google Docs, my iPad or iPhone. Students could hand in their assignments by scanning them and instantly copies would appear in on my computer anywhere I may be.

Best of all, Doxie seems to see the usefulness of this product to educators and makes a scaled-down cheap version of this scanner just for schools, the Doxie U.

There is only one downside that I can see with this product. It is a form-fed style scanner and therefore can only scan images of paper, not from thicker objects like books or magazines, something my VuPoint does with ease. Here is to hoping for a new way to easily transfer the piles of paper on my desk into nice, neat, tiny, and organized files on my computer.


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