Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.

Holy Cow!

Sorry for the title. I know it’s tacky, but it fits. For a long time Google has promoted Google Earth, an exhaustive and constantly updated map of the world. Then they introduced Google Body, which created a map of the human body and all its systems. Both of these are great tools for teaching geography and anatomy, giving a chance for students to view the streets of Paris or the wonders of the human endocrine system from the comfort of their computer lab.

But I know what you are thinking: “Mr. Briggs, what about the poor students in agriscience? How will they learn about the lifeblood of the dairy state?

Enter Google Cow. Literally, go ahead and go inside a cow and see how they tick. Behold the marvel that is the 4-chambered stomach. It’s enough to get this former FFA greenhorn excited about all things bovine. I don’t know how this fits in Google’s mission to dominate search on the internet, but it sure was fun.


Sadly, Google Body has now been shut down. Apparently Google Body and Google Cow were only ever intended to be a way of highlighting Google’s 3D modeling software. This makes me very sad because, while I am sure that there will be plenty of human anatomy models out there to replace Google Body (such as the visible human body App), I don’t see the same rush to make a virtual cow. I hope that Google keeps this around if only for my students.


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