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There are people who follow Facebook and confine themselves to the things that their ‘friends’ link to. Then there are people who use Twitter to follow the links of others, but due to the limited nature of tweets, rarely have in-depth information and commentary.

Then there are the real geeks of the world: pathetic people like me that use Google Reader to subscribe to RSS feeds. RSS feeds let you get articles from your favorite news websites as they are written. By using an RSS reader, such as Google Reader, you can subscribe to multiple news sources that all intermingle on the same page. In a sense, a RSS reader allows you take your favorite newspapers, tabloids and other news sources, cut out all the columns you actually read, discard all the things you don’t, and paste them all into your own custom-made newspaper. My personal paper contains the latest in educational technology, gadgets, blog feeds from several teacher-only social networks, and of course the gossip on the latest season of Doctor Who.

The genius of RSS feeds is that they allow you to get updates from web pages without having to actually go to those websites and waste valuable time navigating them. This cuts the surfing for information, and instead delivers the good stuff directly to you on a silver platter. However, there are websites that I rarely go to that I would nonetheless like to be informed about. A company’s product page or a school’s home page, for example. How can get updates on web pages without having to go to them? The answer is a website called Page2RSS. You simply put in the web address of the website you would like updates on, and it creates a RSS feed for that site, even if the site does not have one. You then get updates whenever that site is updated and saves you the trouble of periodically checking websites.


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  1. I love my google reader…my problem is that I have too many blogs in there and I can’t keep up with them!

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