Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.


This week I am looking at websites that I could actually see myself using in a practical manner. I came across Glogster. Glogster has been around for a while but I was not aware of its educational counterpart Glogster Edu. Glogster allows you and your students to create interactive, online posters on virtually any topic. Imagine the large tagboard presentations we used to have to create in elementary school; now imagine them with embedded video, sound, and hyperlinks that take you anywhere on the web.

This fills a student’s need to have a creative way to demonstrate learning online. In the past, the closest thing I had to Glogster was to have the students create PowerPoint presentations and share them on our school’s website or Moodle. Now, with Glogster, every student can create a really great-looking webpage with all their information and all of the online bells and whistles that the Facebook generation wants to have in their media.

All of this is free to anyone and teachers can even set up accounts for their students. However, some of the most powerful features, such as embedded data (can you say science fair?), are paid extras.  But at $2 per student per year, this is incredibly affordable and should easily cut down on how much construction paper your average classroom consumes each year. So much for shoe-box dioramas…

Here are a few examples of Glogs created by students:


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