Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.


There are times when I think I must be able to see the future, but never in a useful way, like lottery numbers. A few weeks ago I was wondering if there were some way to get all of my student’s pictures to be put on a mobile hard drive wirelessly. I pictured some sort of WiFi lunchbox that could be taken on field trips so all of our photos would be in one place without the hassle of copying over everything. Well, those dastardly wizards at Eye Fi have come up with a solution to my problem and robbing me of the patent rights. Their newest 8 gigabyte SD card will wirelessly send its photos directly to your iPod, iPad or Android device.  So now I could hand off half a dozen cameras loaded with EyeFi cards while at the zoo. Then on the bus ride home, all the photos would be magically uploaded to my iPad which I could then pass around for the students to look at. If it’s a long bus ride, they could write blog posts on that same iPad about what they saw and fill the rest of the school in on their trip. No cables, no computer, no hassle, and all of the photos are dumped on a mobile internet-enabled platform. So much for the BriggsBox…


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