Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.

Basic Skills: Grouping

I’m going to share a tip that I am sure most people already know about. It’s a little command that I had thought everyone knew about and is common to most computer programs. Most people already know ‘copy’ and ‘paste’ but one equally important command is the command ‘group’. Most people familiar with page layout learn group very early on, but many teachers, especially those who learned computers as they went, don’t know about it.

Grouping saves a tremendous amount of time when you work with a lot of graphics, clip art and general objects within page layout programs or word processing. Let’s say you have a neat little logo that you made from clip art objects, a little bunny and an Easter egg for example. Let’s say as a teacher you need to make lots of copies of this little logo you just made as cut-outs, you would have to copy and paste every little bunny and paste all the copies, then repeat the process with the little eggs, making sure not to have anything out of place. Some might laugh at this but I just printed out two dozen little robot badges for my gifted and talented students. Instead, select the objects that you want to copy by either dragging them into a box by using control + click, then right-click and look for the ‘group’ feature. Now all of your objects will be tied together into one big object that you can copy, paste, rotate, or resize without having to re-invent the wheel.


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