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Pi Day

pi pie


Spring is on its way in Wisconsin and it’s easy to tell from the signs.  For one thing, the robins have shown up in small flocks that will hopefully grow and fan out.  Another sign from nature, although less poetic, is that the skunks are out, their aroma drifting through the countryside.

We celebrated Pi Day on March 14 (3/14—get it?) and the kids had a great time when they came into my room and Hostess pies were hanging from the ceiling. The SMARTboard, again, is invaluable as I was able to put up descriptions and diagrams of what we were doing on the board. The lesson plan goes something like this:

Step 1: Print out 7 inch and 3.5 inch circles for each kid. Using clip art of pies works well too.

Step 2: Model on the board how you cut the “pie” in half and measure the diameter.

Step 3: Show the kids how to measure the “crust” of the pie to find the circumference.

Step 4: Have the kids divide the circumference by the diameter for one circle then the other.

Step 5: Explain to the kids that this number, pi, is found in all circles from the penny in their pocket to the solar system and is in fact, magic.

Step 6: Go to piday.org and show the kids pi to one million digits. It’s seriously neat.


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