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Winter Fun

The last few weeks we have gotten dumped on by a LOT of snow. Now, for some this is seen as a problem. Sure, things get canceled and driving is tough, but nothing beats an occasional snow day. I cook a big breakfast, put a meatloaf in the oven, and get caught up on all my work.

This also means lots of winter activities for the students. Our wonderful gym teacher Bonnie Weyer has the kids snowshoeing and cross country skiing through the outdoor classroom. The pond full of tadpoles, turtles, and bullheads freezes over and we all go ice-skating.

The cold froze the snow into a hard crust, so the students broke it up into chunks with a shovel (yes, a big metal one) and with the skill of a professional quarry piled the rocks of snow into a fortress bigger than my apartment complete with eight-foot watchtower. Then later, after a warm spell, the snow become soft and ‘squeaky’ and we were able to make bricks using plastic tubs. In the span of two recesses, we checked ‘build an igloo’ off my bucket list.

The highlight for the 5th and 6th grade kids though is an annual trip to Bruce Mound. Bruce Mound is a county-owned ski hill where kids can race down small hills and crash to their hearts’ content. Every year I get a bit braver, too. This year I managed to go up and down a ski jump in one piece. Using a hand-held Flip camera we chronicled our visit. In the process of making the video the students learned a bit about production and video editing and managed to create a great video ‘thank you’ to the people who sponsor the trip.

Note: If the video link to YouTube below doesn’t work for you, click here to watch the video.


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