Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.

My New Favorite Website

I found out through another blogger about a great site called Qwiki.com. Qwiki works like a standard encyclopedia; you type in a name or a subject and it finds a bunch of results. What makes it different is that it takes the results (mostly from Wikipedia) and stitches the words, text, and pictures into a short, two minute or so movie. I typed in “Edward Teach” and it began reading to me about the golden age of piracy complete with timeline graphics of Blackbeard’s life and pictures of his exploits. All of this text linked to other qwikis, so naturally the movie could lead to many new topics.

Can you imagine using this in class to answer those little questions you get every day? “Mr. Briggs, why is the sky blue?” “Mr. Briggs, what is tea?” or “How do rockets work”?

Check it out if you haven’t already; it’s really slick.


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