Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.


It is my business if I change my mind.

I will soon be taking part in an advanced Moodle course through our local educational cooperative, CESA. I am getting some money to buy whatever I need for this course, and I will most likely be buying an iPad. I know I railed against it for student use. But after using my iPod Touch and looking at many of its other features, I see no reason not to buy one of my own for my use, hopefully making it easier to keep an eye on my online classroom and remotely writing on my SMARTboard.

I give them this, Apple is just so easy to use that the little things (like not having Flash) don’t seem so bad compared to all the good it will do to keep me connected to all the other toys in my classroom.

I am interested in what I am hearing about Brainchild, the company that makes the StudyBuddy handheld testing and learning system. Word is that they will be announcing their Android-powered tablet geared JUST FOR EDUCATION at FETC 2011 in Orlando, Florida. I would love to be there but money and professional obligations keep me from going, although I expect my feeds to be overflowing due to this event as they did for the Consumer Electronics Show last week.


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