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Fun With the iPod

I just got an iPod Touch as an early Christmas present.

Q: Why not the iPad or the iPhone?

A: We have a pay scale here and I am not there yet.

However, after looking at my wife’s iPod Touch for some time, I decided that I would use the iPod Touch primarily as a PDA and web device and just happen to put music on it. I still have my three-year-old Nano, and for driving and working out, nothing beats it. I have also heard from sources that we may be seeing more of them, since they are being pushed as a replacement for everything, and I wanted to be ahead of that trend.

I got it working in my school quickly enough. It sees the wireless and was getting internet right away, syncing up with my calendar and my email. I felt relieved that most of the blocked sites, for better or worse, were still blocked (so much for being able to bring up my Netflix for movie day). I also managed to freak the kids out when I installed a VNC app and was able to “write” on my SMARTboard from across the school, controlling it remotely with ease.

I’m still learning how to use my iPod Touch, but I am intrigued by its potential as a small and rather intuitive internet device.  I don’t know if I would give one to each of my students yet, judging by my “lost weekend” playing Angry Birds and watching episodes of Top Gear.


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