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Winter Sets In

Image: Fotolia

The dark days of December have begun. I say dark, because it is. The sky is dark until about seven in the morning, which would be fine, but it gets dark again by 4:30. The weather we have been having is typical; cold, windy and grey. I cannot remember the last time the sun shone upon our fair schoolhouse. Thanksgiving, thankfully has passed, and with it, the hunting season. Droves of my kids were gone either physically out hunting, or mentally absent, their heads full of leaping bucks. A few of my students had pretty good luck this year, one girl bagging two does. She complains that she wanted a buck and may have to go out for muzzle-loading season to get another chance. It’s all good for me; I love venison, and hope to get some sausage this Christmas instead of another four coffee mugs.

There is a happy side effect to the weather: the kids want to stay in. The school newspaper is going well with droves of kids writing about all kinds of topics from a presentation on bus safety to a visit from a soldier on Veteran’s Day. I hope that I can keep up this enthusiasm on the part of the kids until the end of December, when the prancing deer in the minds of my students are replaced by sugar plums.


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