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E-Issues from Weekly Reader

Things are going well in Greenwood. Last week we had temperatures in the upper 60’s, something that never happens in November. Usually we would have had our first snow by now, but instead we go out for recess in shirtsleeves. I’m in a rush to finish my astronomy unit for the science club, hoping against hope that we get a clear night.

I find myself using Weekly Reader’s online features lately. Having state testing the last few weeks has left us with a lot of time to fill, and rather than filling it up with games or computer time, the other staff and I felt the need to fill it with something meaningful.

The e-issues have been interesting; the last one on Greek Mythology tied right into the social studies unit that 6th grade had just wrapped up. I think one of the great things that the online e-issues and Weekly Reader do for us is provide a diversity of reading activities so that our kids are not always locked into our reading program. We get a chance to “spice it up” with something interesting, timely and relevant.


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  1. You guys should make a danc dance question game so kids could have the think learning is fun.

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