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While I am on the subject of Google Documents, I used it this week teaching a lesson on email.

Now, I have a love-hate relationship with teaching email.  While I think that kids should learn about it, I prefer to let them experiment with the idea of sending an email than actually giving them the keys, so to speak.

To keep the training wheels on for a while, I created a form in Google documents that I called “BMail”. The form looks like an email with the To:, CC, and subject lines. The students fill out the form like they would with an email and “send” it. The difference is that as the person that created the form, I am the only one that gets the messages. I am able to give the kids a dozen scenarios and read their emails, coaching them on how to improve their letter writing and respond to different problems, long before I give them the keys.

Link to Bmail


Comments on: "B-Mail" (1)

  1. Jean Zimmer said:

    This is a really good safe project. I know it makes more work for you but you can promote good writing habits now before they have developed a lot of bad habits.

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