Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.

Digital Editions

WR News Edition 4-6

A digital page from WR News Edition 4–6

One of the things the kids are looking forward to lately has been the arrival of our Weekly Readers.  Not just because they are a great read, or because they are a great example of timely and relative non-fiction, but for the digital editions of the issues.

Every Thursday I make an effort to squeeze in time for current events.  We sit down with the readers in front of the SMARTboard, and bring up the electronic version of the issue.

The kids love to have the computer read to them and seldom take their eyes off of their own page.  The real treat comes after the story has been read, when they get to see all of the videos, interactive graphics, and links to other sites.

I think that we will be seeing more of this as print publications and online publications begin to overlap.  Perhaps this is one way that education is ahead of the curve, linking print content to online content.


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