Teacher Lee Briggs on technology in today's classroom. Brought to you by Weekly Reader.

Spelling tests are like laundry, a weekly chore that nonetheless has to get done. Conducting a spelling test means taking 15 minutes out of my already-packed language arts schedule. It means reading out each word and having the students repeat it to ensure they understand it. It means going over those words letter by letter, a simple but time-consuming task. A task that gets even more time-consuming when you have to re-give the test to a student who missed the test, or failed it.

Spellingcity.com is a Web site that allows teachers to publish their spelling lists online and then creates custom-made games, worksheets, and comprehension tools. But where it shines is in test taking.

Students take a test by listening to a voice sound out their words and then inan example sentence. It automatically grades the list and allows students to either print out an official-looking PDF file with their grade or review the words that they have misspelled.
Spelling is no longer a contest with other students, but an individual task—something that can be done in their spare time and with a variety of ways to learn their words. Tests take, at most, five minutes in the computer lab. Stress over spelling tests evaporates when a student is able to take dozens of practice tests in his or her free time.

Spellingcity.com is a great site because it takes a load off the backs of teachers. It removes a task instead of adding one. Thank you, Spellingcity.com! A thousand times thank you!


Comments on: "The Greatest Web Site in the World" (3)

  1. Stephanie said:

    I LOVE this website. I have not used the testing feature yet, as computer access is limited. However, we use it at centers, during learning time, and parents can log in at home to use it for spelling practice. I like the new features they are adding, like allowing you to choose or create sentences for the words.

  2. Jean Zimmer said:

    The students and parents really like using this website. I have heard about the website from some of the parents, because now the students can’t say they forgot to bring their list of words home. I have observed your students saying “Can I take my spelling test now?” when they have the time available in your classroom or in the computer lab. Plus you get the extra bonus of not having to grade the spelling tests. It is a winning situatioin for everyone!!

  3. Having a lab full of computers helps with the tests, but even if you only have a access to a few computers, you could have the kids rotate through. lets say you have access to 2 computers. if you have the website up, and it takes 3 minutes on average for each kid, then a class of 15 could be done in about half an hour. I have had the other kids working on their reading or worksheets, and when their turn is up they know to take the test and afterwords get back to work.

    even if that does not work, it makes a GREAT way to have kids re-take a test without costing you time.

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